Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Selena Gomez Takes A Load Of Cum On Her Face!


  1. Oh Selena Gomez....When I saw this set of pics, I knew I was destined to Cum on your pretty little face!

    Some day soon you will get tired of your little boy Beibs and go out looking for a real man to fuck you!

    I just want you to know Selena, that I am here for you. I'll let you blow me and take my cock deep. I'll pound your little pussy and ass till you scream in ectasy!

    Then of course, when I am ready to cum, you will get on your knees and suck me till I explode my semen all over your pretty little face and titties!

    Thanks Selena, I will Cum On Your Face again soon!

  2. Ya know, Selena was really looking like she needed some liquid love, and you've been exceptionally generous with her. Masterful manglazing as always sir!

  3. one of the most perfect faces for cum and your cumshot is just as perfect!

  4. fantastic work bro!
    i love it!!!

  5. Oh wow,what a fantastic set of Selena cocked and cumed pictures.Great close ups guy.


    1. Hey bro! If you're going to drop a link to your site on mine, at least leave a comment!

  7. Where can I find these pictures of her so I can tribute them?


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